Welcome Letter

Welcome to the Customer Service and Support Center (CSSC) for entities submitting Medicare Part C and Part D program data and Medicare-Medicaid plan demonstration program data. The CSSC and the Front-End System (FES) look forward to working with you in all aspects of your data submissions.

In order to submit data to the FES, connectivity to CMS’ systems must be established with an Approved Network Service Vendors or with a direct connection to the CMS Enterprise File Transfer platform (only for plans with enrollment less than 100,000 members). 

The following enrollment information must be completed and returned to the CSSC for the submission and report retrieval of all data:

  • CMS Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Agreement
  • Submitter Application
  • Submitter Authorization Form (for plans utilizing a Third Party Submitter)
  • Connect:Direct Application (for Connect:Direct users only)

EDI Agreement: A CMS EDI Agreement must be completed by each entity and on file with CSSC, prior to submitting Test or Production data. The agreement must be signed by an authorized agent of the organization, and returned to CSSC Operations at the address provided below:

Palmetto GBA


P.O. Box 100275, AG-570

Columbia, SC 29202-3275

Use of Third Party Submitters: Along with the CMS EDI Agreement and Submitter Application, the plan must complete the Submitter Authorization Form, authorizing the third party to submit and receive data on their behalf. Regardless who submits the data, CMS holds the plan accountable for the content being submitted.

Connect:Direct Specifications: Datasets are required to be set up for Connect:Direct users. The Connect:Direct Application should be completed and returned to the CSSC along with the CMS EDI Agreement and Submitter Application.

Reports: Reports will be returned on all data submitted. For MA and Medicare Medicaid Data submissions, reports are available to submitters only. For Prescription Drug submissions, reports can be made available to both the submitter and the plan.

We encourage you to visit the site and register for email notification of all updates. Please contact the CSSC Help Desk at 1-877-534-2772 (Option 2) with any questions regarding the information provided.

Last Updated: 06/08/2018