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The Online Report Restore Request tool allows Trading Partners with established connectivity to electronically request the restoration of reports. Multiple report restore requests can be submitted at the same time by clicking the Additional Requests symbol displayed under the detailed report request entries. Additional report request entries can also be removed by clicking the Remove Requests symbol. Once the request has been submitted, the available reports will be restored to the appropriate Submitter/Receiver ID destination within 1-2 business days. If a report is not available for restoration, a response email will be sent to the requestor outlining which report(s) were not available and why.

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Per CMS guidelines, the following limitations apply to the restoration of Encounter Data System reports:
  • 999 and 277CA cannot be older than 20 business days
  • MAO-001 and MAO-002 reports cannot be older than 60 business days
Sample Input ENH{4-digit number}; MMP sample input DCA{3-digit number}
Sample Input - SH{4-digit number}
Sample Input - SH{4-digit number}
Sample Input - DCA{3-digit number}
Sample Input - DCA{3-digit number}

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