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Published 03/15/2020



Grow your Medicare knowledge at our MayFest conference, May 18-20. Registration is now open for JJ, JM and JM Home Health and Hospice.

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The Provider Outreach and Education department (POE) educates providers and their staff regarding the fundamentals of the Medicare program, national and local policies, procedures, new Medicare initiatives, significant changes to the Medicare program, and issues identified through data analysis.

Palmetto GBA offers education to providers through online, teleconference, or live and in-person events.


Providers may participate in live, prescheduled webcasts where they are afforded the opportunity to interact with the instructor through a dedicated chat box within the webcast application. Live webcasts are often recorded to allow providers to listen to a playback. Other webcasts, in the Webcast Library, are pre-recorded to allow providers to view and listen to the webcast on their own schedule.

Self-Paced Computer-Based Learning 

Self-paced computer based learning sessions allow providers to use their computers to access education on specific topics. Some of the computer based training includes pre- and post-test questions to test a user’s knowledge before and after each session.

Ask the Contractor Teleconference (ACT) Calls

ACT calls are held at least quarterly and offer the provider community live interaction through a teleconference line to ask questions. These calls are designed to present specific topics, and providers can submit questions prior to the call using the Submit a Question for the Ask the Contractor Teleconference (ACT) form (PDF).

Live In-Person

Live, in-person education is provided from time to time, and will have specific topics based on data analysis. Some of these events are based upon speaker requests from various organizations. Note: Speaker requests received from individual providers are handled as a webcast or teleconference.

Focused Training

Focused training is offered to providers as needed by way of teleconference or webcast. Providers are encouraged to use the self-paced learning opportunities prior to requesting education. If individual education is needed, providers may complete and submit the Request an Education Session form (PDF).


Palmetto GBA also partners with a number of entities to assist in sharing important Medicare education and to host and notify the provider community of upcoming educational opportunities. For speaker requests, the Request a Speaker form (PDF) must be completed and submitted for consideration. Requestors will be contacted by a member of Palmetto GBA's Outreach and Education team to discuss the specifics and advise as to whether or not a speaker can be provided.

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