Published 6/1/2016

Make the most of your eServices experience. Here are some helpful tips for using the eServices portal, including announcements of portal enhancements.

eDelivery - MR ADRs Delivered Electronically!eAudits: Generate Reports for Claims Under Medical ReviewAvoid Error Messages When Uploading Attachments in Secure FormseServices Administrators: Assign Unique User IDsMulti-Factor Authentication (MFA) Codes Are Usable for up to 12 HoursTwo New Options to Unlock Your eServices Account!eServices Form Attachment Issue - ResolvedeServices: Claim StatusMBI Look-up Directly Links to Eligibility in eServicesSubmitting First Level Appeals Through the eServices PortaleServices: Preventive Services EligibilityMedicare Secondary Payer (MSP) eServices TabRegister for Palmetto GBA's eServices TodayeServices: Fast and Secure Medicare InformationeServices: How Often is Patient Eligibility Updated?eServices Profile Verification TimeframesEntering Beneficiary Information: eServices Eligibility Inquiry vs. Claim SubmissionAre You Tired of Writing in to Request a Simple Claim Correction (Reopening)?eServices Roster BillingeServices eForm: Additional Documentation Response Form (Medical Review)eServices: Redeterminations and ReopeningsReceive ADRs Electronically: Go Green via our eServiceseServices Part B Claims Search Enhancements: New and FastereServices Financial eForms: eCheck and eOffseteServices: COVID-19 Transition ModuleeServices Roster Bill InstructionsWe've Made it Easy to Identify Your eServices AdministratoreServices Form: General Inquiry FormeServices Financial Forms: eCheck and eOffsetRailroad Medicare Accepts Appeal Requests Through Our eServices TooleServices Password Login RecommendationSubmit Paperless eClaims through eServiceseServices and Google Authenticator ModuleeServices Portal Users Must Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)eCheck Available August 24, 2021COVID-19 Accelerated and Advance Payment RepaymentseServices Claim Submission (eClaim) TipsNever Share Your eServices User ID and PasswordFinancial Tools: Checking Your Overpayment Status Is Now EasierManaging Multiple eService Accounts Is Easier with Account LinkingeServices Extends Administrator Unlock Feature Beyond 30 DaysFind your GreenMail eLetters and latest Form Submission StatuseServices PasswordseServices Data AvailabilityeServices Status Dashboard Displays Aging ADR AlertsDo You Have a Question Regarding eServices? We Can Help!