Find your GreenMail eLetters and latest Form Submission Status

Published 02/04/2022

How eServices communicates with you has changed. Previously, you received notifications from your submissions and your letters in the Messages tab. We have now split this functionality into two tabs—Messages and eDelivery

You will continue to receive notifications, i.e., submission notifications, in your Messages tab. A new eDelivery tab has been created for your letters. As a reminder, Messages and eLetters are automatically archived after 60 days. Please check the Archive tab for letters older than 60 days.

We are excited about this change as these tabs will now allow you to filter the information you see by setting them to your preferences using filtering. This will help you manage the volume of information you receive.

Upon logging into your eServices account, you will now see a separate tab for Messages and eDelivery

View of Messages tab

Using the Messages Tab
The Messages tab will now allow you to view a consolidated history for your form submissions. You will be able to see the status for any form submitted under your account whether you submitted the form or one of your co-workers. When you select the Messages tab, you will be presented with your Notification Center Messages. It contains important notifications regarding eServices submissions and eServices alert messages. You will be able view all notifications or narrow down your choices by type, under the Notification Messages field by selecting a type from the dropdown menu.

Note: By default, only messages submitted by your user ID will be initially displayed. If you clear the Submitted By filter, messages for the account associated with the user ID you are logged in with, or the account selected if you have multiple accounts linked to your user ID, will display.

View of eDelivery screen

Filtering in eServices
Once you select your notification type, the list of available messages displayed will appear in chronological order. You may use the filtering options to only view a certain message type and/or view messages related to a specific DCN. If you receive a message that there is no data available in the table, please adjust your filter criteria and try again. Items must match all entered criteria to display. 

When using the filter feature, you must select the Search button to display the results found. 

Tips and Pointers

  • Messages displayed will be filtered by your user ID. When the Submitted By filter is cleared, the messages displayed will include those submitted by all users on the account.
  • Forms and other submissions that used to have 2 or more Inbox messages will be consolidated into a single Notification Center Message
    • For example: Redeterminations would have received separate messages for the Confirmation and Received dates. These will now be displayed as one row with the most current status. For details or the prior statuses, select the Details link in the row for the form of interest.
  • There are many filters available to narrow down your search results. What filters are available will be dynamically presented based on the form type selected. Example filters include: Medicare ID, Submitted By, and Date of Submission.
  • Your messages will automatically be sorted by the Updated On column. This will place all the most recent status updates at the top.

Select “Details” hyperlink to see additional information about the Message. Information displayed on the Details screen will vary based on the type of message.

View of eDevliery Mailbox

  • eLetters received for certain submissions (PCR or OPD) can also be accessed on the Details Screen
  • Items older than 60 days will automatically be archived

Using the eDelivery Inbox
When you click on the eDelivery tab, you will be presented with your eDelivery inbox. It contains all eServices eLetters. 

Note: Only messages for to the account associated with the user ID you are logged in with, or the account selected if you have multiple accounts linked to your user ID, will display. Items older than 60 days will automatically be archived.

View of eDelivery Mailbox

There are several exciting enhancements to the eDelivery feature. First, when there is a new or unread eDelivery message, the eDelivery tab will be highlighted in green. Second, users are able to leave comments for each eDelivery message. The ability to add notes can be beneficial when your work processes require multiple people touch the same document. It allows you alert internal staff about who is working on a document and what actions have been taken. Comments left on eDelivery messages are for provider use only. These messages are not transmitted back to Palmetto GBA to respond. 

Tips and Pointers

  • The eDelivery tab can be filtered by letter type
  • Remember to select Search to view results of any filters used
  • Additional filters are available based on letter type. Example filters: Medicare Id and Received Date.
  • You are able to download and view letters by selecting the “PDF” hyperlink
  • *New Field: Free Form Comment
    • Allows any user to leave comments about the eLetters
    • This field is not meant as a communication between Palmetto GBA and users
    • This is only for users to leave comments about the letter for notes or other provider users to view
      • For example, “XXX responded on 12/10/2021”

The eServices user manual (PDF) also provides a more detailed step-by-step guide on all new functions. The table below lists the manual sections and page numbers under which the updated feature content and steps can be found. 


eServices User Manual Page

Claim Submission Summary (Part B Only)


Checking Status of Roster Bills (Part B Only)


How will I know my form has been received in eServices




Account Linking


Using the Secure Message Inbox


Archived Messages


PCR Form Submission