DDE User's Guide

Published 01/04/2023

There are no DDE changes or updates included in the latest release.

The DDE Online Remote Terminal Access was designed as an integral part of the Fiscal Intermediary Standard System (FISS) to give Medicare providers a direct access mechanism for answering questions about their claims. DDE users may perform the following functions electronically:

  • Submit UB-04 claims
  • Correct, adjust, and cancel claims
  • Perform inquiries such as beneficiary eligibility, claims history, revenue codes, diagnosis codes, etc.
  • View certain online reports

The DDE User's Guide has been separated into six sections. Please refer to the following sections for detailed information about using the DDE screens.

DDE User's Guide Section Overview


Section Title

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 DDE Guide 1: Introduction & Connectivity  This section introduces you to the Direct Data Entry (DDE) system, and provides a list of the most common acronyms as well navigational tips to include function keys, shortcuts, and common claim status and locations. This section also provides screen illustrations with instructions for signing on, the main menu display, signing off, and changing passwords.


 DDE Guide 2: Checking Beneficiary Eligibility    This section explains how to access beneficiary eligibility information via the Common Working File (CWF) screens, Health Insurance Query Access (HIQA) and Health Insurance Query for HHAs (HIQH), to verify and ensure correct information is submitted on your Medicare claim. Screen examples and field descriptors are also provided.


 DDE Guide 3: Inquiries (Main Menu Option 01)  This section provides screen illustrations and information about the inquiry options available in DDE, such as viewing inquiry screens to check the validity of diagnosis codes, revenue codes, and HCPCS codes, checking beneficiary/patient eligibility, check the status of claims, view Additional Development Requests (ADRs) letters, Medicare check history, and home health payment totals.


 DDE Guide 4: Claims & Attachments (Main Menu Option 02)  This section includes instructions, screen illustrations, and field descriptions on how to enter UB-04 claim information, including home health requests for anticipated payment (RAPs), hospice notice of elections (NOEs), and roster bill data entry. The MSP Payment Information screens are detailed in this section.


 DDE Guide 5: Claims Correction (Main Menu Option 03)   This section provides instructions, screen illustrations, and field descriptions on how to correct claims that are in the Return to Provider (RTP) file, adjust or cancel finalized claims.


 DDE Guide 6: Online Reports (Main Menu Option 04)  This section provides information on certain provider-specific reports that are available through the DDE system.


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