Denial Resolution

Published 01/01/2020

Disclaimer: This is not a complete listing of reason/remark codes. Reason/remark codes may be added and are subject to change. 

This Claims Submission Error Help tool is designed to aid Medicare providers in reviewing reason/remark codes and how to resolve them; or for determining if other action is needed. You may search this page by reason/remark code or keyword. All records matching your search criteria will be returned for your review. If you are aware of a reason/remark code not listed or a description and/or a resolution is not clear, please email Palmetto GBA ( your suggestion for reason code addition or update.

Electronic Claim Required: DenialsLipid Panels: Medical Necessity DenialsDiagnostic Cardiology Services: Medical Necessity DenialsHot or Cold Packs: Bundling DenialsCode/Modifier Combination Invalid and Modifier Invalid/MissingCLIA: Laboratory TestsE/M Service: Duplicate DenialsSkilled Nursing Facility: Not Covered by This Payer (Consolidated Billing Denials)Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment DenialsEKG, EKG Rhythm Strip and Cardiac Echography: NCCI Bundling DenialsNCCI Bundling DenialsSubmitted to Incorrect Program: 'Jurisdiction' DenialsHospice: Non-Attending Physician DenialsEye Refraction: Statutory DenialsChest X-ray or EKG: Duplicate DenialsGlycosylated Hemoglobin A1C: Medical Necessity DenialsVenipuncture: Statutory DenialsNPI: Troubleshooting RejectionsE/M Services: CCI Bundling DenialsCLIA Certification Number RequiredVenipuncture: Not Covered by This Payer (Facility Setting)Provider Certification DenialsE/M Service: Global Surgery DenialsDuplicate Denials: Compliance MattersAnesthesia Services: Bundling DenialsUnlisted Supplies: Bundling DenialsX-Rays: Denied for ChiropractorsClinical Laboratory Procedures: Duplicate DenialsEstablished Patient Office Visits: NCCI Bundling DenialsReason Code CO-96: Non-covered ChargesTop Reasons for Claim Denials and RejectionsRoutine Physical Exams: Statutory DenialsCARC 22CARC 18CARC 109MSP: Eligibility & DenialsCARC 181CARC 50New Year: Identify Beneficiary Insurance Changes For 2022Physical & Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology Caps: Financial Limitation Denials