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Prescription Drug Event
Report Layouts

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PDE Monthly Report Distribution Status05/21/2018
Potential Exclusion Warning AND Exclusion from Reconciliation Reports07/06/2017
DDPS Cumulative Beneficiary Summary Non-PACE05/31/2017
DDPS Cumulative Beneficiary Summary Report PACE05/31/2017
Part D Payment Reconciliation Report05/31/2017
Payable Report05/31/2017
PDE Accounting Report05/31/2017
Receivable Report05/31/2017
Accumulator Comparison Report07/27/2011
Changes to Monthly Reports Record Layouts12/15/2010
PDE Counting Memo (Excludes PACE Plans)12/21/2007
PDE Counting Rules (Excluding PACE Plans)12/16/2007
Explanation of Sample P2P Reports11/28/2007
Report Naming Conventions06/12/2007
DDPS Transaction Error Summary10/13/2005