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Prescription Drug Event
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Password Changes for File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Users Only11/03/2017
System Status - October 29, 201710/24/2017
PDE Monthly Report Distribution Status10/13/2017
Front-End Systems Status Update09/20/2017
Front-End Systems Issues09/19/2017
FTP and Web Server Issues09/19/2017
PDE Monthly Report Distribution Status09/14/2017
System Status - September 10, 201709/08/2017
SFTP and Website Servers are now available!08/28/2017
SFTP and Website Server Issues08/28/2017
System Status - August 27, 201708/16/2017
PDE Monthly Report Distribution Status08/11/2017
CORRECTION; PDE Monthly Report Distribution Status07/27/2017
Processing of 2016 PDEs07/19/2017
Prescription Drug Event (PDE) Processing07/07/2017
Prescription Drug Event Edit Code Listing07/06/2017
Front-End Systems User Guides Updates06/30/2017
Front-End Systems Password Changes06/27/2017
System Status - June 30, 201706/27/2017
System Upgrade - June 25, 201706/20/2017
Updated PRS Report Layouts06/20/2017
PDE Monthly Report Distribution Status06/15/2017
DDPS and PRS SSNRI Updates - Effective February 11, 201805/31/2017
CSSC Operations website is now available!05/22/2017
CSSC Operations website is unavailable05/22/2017
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