CSSC Operations (Archive)
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Prescription Drug Event
Training   -  Archive

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2011 Registration InformationOpen in New Window04/12/2011
2008 Color Presentation Slides11/15/2009
2008 Resource Guide01/16/2009
2008 Job Aides01/15/2009
2008 Participant Guide01/15/2009
2008 Enrollment and Payment Technical Assistance Guide12/01/2008
2007 PDE Advanced Reg Training Modules10/29/2007
2007 PDE Participants Guide10/29/2007
2007 PDE Advanced Reg Resource Guide10/19/2007
2007 PDE Black/White Presentation Slides10/19/2007
2007 PDE Color Presentation Slides10/19/2007
2007 PDE Resource Guide10/19/2007
2007 PDE Advanced Reg Job Aides10/16/2007
2007 PDE Job Aides10/16/2007
2006 PDE Regional Training Participant Guide10/26/2006
2005 PACE Participant Guide11/03/2005
2005 PACE Presentation Slides11/03/2005
2005 PACE Introduction Letter10/28/2005
2005 PACE Resource Guide10/27/2005


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