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Encounter Data
ED Testing


Encounter Data Test Case Specifications – DME07/31/2014
Encounter Data Test Case Specifications - Institutional07/31/2014
Encounter Data Test Case Specifications - Professional07/31/2014
PACE Test Case Specifications - DME01/17/2013
EDIPPS Proposed SNF and HH Comments Letter10/22/2012
PACE Front-End Industry Testing Package08/29/2012
PACE Test Case Specifications - Institutional08/29/2012
PACE Test Case Specifications - Professional08/29/2012
PACE Testing Letter08/29/2012
EDPS Testing and Certification Timeline04/26/2012
Encounter Data End to End Test Plan04/02/2012
Encounter Data End-to-End Testing Tips12/30/2011
EDS Front-End Testing Instructions08/24/2011
EDS Front-End Testing Letter07/07/2011
Encounter Data Testing Schedule - Revised07/05/2011